Dairy Maiden

Artisanal Cheeses

Welcome to the Dairy Maiden Artisanal Cheeses Website!

I am an artisanal home cheesemaker living in south central Iowa. I lived in the coastal mountains of Northern California for 26 years until I moved to far NE Iowa in 2008, and then on to my current small town, south of Des Moines in late 2014. 

I don't sell my cheese since I'm not a legal dairy or creamery, but I sure wish I could! I'd have lots of loyal customers! There are many knids of delicious cheeses that you have to make yourself if you want them. Unless you live in a big city full of Foodies with excellent cheese shops or gourmet food stores, it's hard to find more than just the most common ones, let alone imported cheeses that are less well known.

  I make my cheeses for my family and to share with my friends. I do it to have healthier food, and to not be a part of the industrial food chain.  I do it for the sheer fun of it.  I'm working solely with cow's milk, I'm not fond of goat cheeses that taste "goaty", and sheep cheeses taste like lanolin, quite frankly. I recreate mild goat cheese flavors using the natural lipase powder additive.

This website supports my hobby and is aimed for you home cheesemakers with advice, recipes, and links, as well as photos. I'm in the process of updating this website, too. I am still learning, but when aren't we all?

Come and learn with me! Let's have fun! It's easy!